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Mar. 02, 2022

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TPS33 - Five Ways Great Inventions Ended up with Not-So-Great Patents

  • by Andre Grouwstra
    • Mar. 02, 2022
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    • 14 min. read

    I just finished reading Hedy Lamarr's amazing life story (The Only Woman in the Room, by Mary Benedict). Her 1942 invention of, in my view, spread-spectrum technology was documented in her US patent, number 2, 292,387, for a frequency hopping system. While the technology is now ubiquitous, and generally acknowledged for both its civilian and military value, the Navy rejected it at the time for all the wrong reasons. Not invented by a man!!! While you may hope that this kind of stupidity is now...

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    Oct. 13, 2021

    Patent Topics

    Top 10 Patent Mistakes

  • by Tricia Brzostowicz
    • Oct. 13, 2021
    • 922 Times
    • 6 min. read

    There are several common mistakes inventors and startups make related to patent filing....

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