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Andre Grouwstra

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Andre Grouwstra

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  • Morgan Hill, CA 95037
  • USPTO Patent Reg. #: 71934

    About Andre

    Andy Grouwstra has been a patent agent since 2013, and is specialized in semiconductors, including system architecture, analog/mixed-signal and RF circuit designs. From 2015 to 2020, he was also CEO of a semiconductor IP company specialized in PLL and timing designs, and before that he had a long career in technical marketing and business development in startup fabless semiconductor companies, IC design companies, and one large EDA company (Cadence) that provided engineering services. He has managed and directed IC design teams from early submicron nodes down to 22nm designs.

    Mr. Grouwstra's work as a patent agent has been much influenced by his experience in managing a mixed-signal IP company. His patent applications are written in a strict discipline to create competitive value, thoroughly analyzing an invention to enable the broadest description and the most relevant claim set. His aim for drafting and for prosecuting an invention is to be able to stand in the inventor's shoes. His aim is also to prevent that an inventor needs to spend endless time to write material for the application, or to support a response to an office action.

    Mr. Grouwstra publishes a series of short articles on LinkedIn called This Patent Stuff and My Semiconductor Business to help inventors and chip executives understand the patent process, and navigate it efficiently.

    Patent Agent's Specialites

    My first aim is to give you a competitive advantage by protecting your innovative technology. This requires that I understand your business goals, as well as your invention. My technical focus areas are below. Occasionally I delve into other areas (for instance, I love medical devices, and am exploring AI).



    by Andre Grouwstra

    Stage 1
    Patent Analysis & Research
    Patentability, Freedom-to-Operate Search
    Stage 2
    Invention Eligibility*
    Review invention for patentability (Novelty)
    Stage 3A
    Patent Preparation*
    Specification, Claims, Abstract (Patent
    Stage 3B
    Patent Drawings
    Prepare Technical Illustrations and Drawings
    Stage 4
    Patent Filing Preparation
    EFS Web, US Filing, PCT Filing, Foreign Filing
    Stage 5
    Patent Prosecution*
    Office action responses, Non-Final and Final Rejections
    Stage 6
    Litigation Support
    Document review, technical analysis and support


    by Andre Grouwstra

    Life Sciences
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Geo & Climate Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Systems Engineering

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