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Gary Oneill

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Gary Oneill

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  • Duncanville, TX 75116
  • USPTO Patent Reg. #: 79612

    About Gary

    Gary ONeill is a Registered United States Patent Agent authorized to represent clients from all 50 states and internationally before the United States Patent Office. Gary is a "patent insider" as a former senior US patent examiner who knows the strategies, tactics, and 'tricks of the patent prosecution trade' from the inside out, having granted more than 500 US patents in complex technologies and prosecuted more than 1000 US applications for a patent. Currently as Managing Director of Examiners Edge®, he leads a multidisciplinary team of specialized patent professionals to navigate the complexities and nuance of the US patent system on behalf of our clients using his battle-tested former US Patent Examiner skills and organizational knowledge of our colleagues at the US Patent Office. Gary is also a 20 year seasoned engineering manager having managed teams of engineers and technologists in two of the DOW 30 companies, Merck & Co. and General Motors Corporation, as well as managed the Patent Research department at a prominent Virginia patent law firm.

    Driven by a maximum stewardship perspective, he takes pride in helping company leaders of US and International corporations protect their business profits and checkmate their competition through strategic and tactical leverage of the US patent system. Gary has earned a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and Masters degree in Theology from Calvary Baptist Seminary.

    As Managing Director, his goals include oversight of development of novel patent products which proactively protect client companies market share and reduce threats from new competitor technologies.

    Gary is an active member of the National Association of Patent Practitioners and regularly contributes to the continuing educational efforts of patent practitioners. Gary has earned the Senior Member Grade at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, for his career accomplishments in electrical engineering. Gary is also a regular Patent & Intellectual Property workshop leader, Subject Matter Expert for entrepreneurs and business leaders, and a media spokesperson for SCORE business experts.

    Patent Agent's Specialites

    Patent insider as a former senior US patent examiner who knows the playbook of the US patent examining corps.

    Expert level patent re/search and prosecution skills.

    Special expertise in electrical engineering arts, optical devices and systems.


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    • Patent Agent: 2000
    • Tech. Career: 1984
      Law Firms
    • Spoken Languages:
      english English


    by Gary Oneill

    Stage 1
    Patent Analysis & Research
    Patentability, Freedom-to-Operate Search
    Stage 2
    Invention Eligibility*
    Review invention for patentability (Novelty)
    Stage 3A
    Patent Preparation*
    Specification, Claims, Abstract (Patent
    Stage 3B
    Patent Drawings
    Prepare Technical Illustrations and Drawings
    Stage 4
    Patent Filing Preparation
    EFS Web, US Filing, PCT Filing, Foreign Filing
    Stage 5
    Patent Prosecution*
    Office action responses, Non-Final and Final Rejections
    Stage 6
    Litigation Support
    Document review, technical analysis and support


    by Gary Oneill

    Life Sciences
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Geo & Climate Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Systems Engineering

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