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Irina Pomestchenko

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Irina Pomestchenko

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  • Mount Sinai, NY 11766
  • USPTO Patent Reg. #: 79278

    About Irina

    Irina E. Pomestchenko is a registered Patent Agent (USPTO Registration # 79, 278), a scientist, and an inventor who is licensed to practice and to represent clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office in patent cases. Irina holds an M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Photochemical Sciences, wherein she conducted research directed to photochemistry and photophysics of metal complexes. Upon completion of her doctorate degree, Irina worked as a research associate at the Brookhaven National Laboratory under DOE alternative fuels initiative, wherein she studied solar energy conversion and photochemical water oxidation. Irina has over 15 years combined laboratory and industrial experience in materials science, chemistry, and pharmaceutical sectors. She co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals and presented her research at scientific conferences.
    Irina knows the unique IP needs and financial challenges faced by startups first hand. Working as a scientist for a startup, she developed multiple polymer nanocomposite materials for 3D printing applications along with printable batteries and light source devices, implemented their manufacturing processes, and was instrumental in bringing them to the market. While working for the startup, she was listed as an inventor on six U.S. and international (PCT) patent applications.
    Being an inventor herself, Irina can personally relate to the inventor's needs and addresses them in highly professional, timely, and budget savvy manner.
    Patent Matters LLC is a Long Island-based business registered in New York state. We do not outsource any work abroad.

    Please, visit Irina's LinkedIn profile for more information.

    Patent Agent's Specialites

    Consumer Products
    Advanced Materials
    Additive manufacturing/3D printing
    Energy storage
    Alternative fuels
    Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
    Photochemical Sciences
    Mechanical Technologies
    Medical devices



    by Irina Pomestchenko

    Stage 1
    Patent Analysis & Research
    Patentability, Freedom-to-Operate Search
    Stage 2
    Invention Eligibility*
    Review invention for patentability (Novelty)
    Stage 3A
    Patent Preparation*
    Specification, Claims, Abstract (Patent
    Stage 3B
    Patent Drawings
    Prepare Technical Illustrations and Drawings
    Stage 4
    Patent Filing Preparation
    EFS Web, US Filing, PCT Filing, Foreign Filing
    Stage 5
    Patent Prosecution*
    Office action responses, Non-Final and Final Rejections
    Stage 6
    Litigation Support
    Document review, technical analysis and support


    by Irina Pomestchenko

    Life Sciences
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Geo & Climate Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Systems Engineering

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